As they used to say: ” A start may be half the battle, but it is not the be all and end all.” At the start of Justin’s career, he was a poet. That will be his role at the Food Filmfesitival, to make it all to a good end.

Justin Samgar is a storyteller who used to be poet at BBN and 3FM (Dutch television broadcaster and radio station). This was the seed of his success; since than, he has developed into a fulltime poet, going by the name of PoetryPusher. Next to making poems on demand, he also launched a composition of poets in MP3-format about newly composed music. In 2014, this was followed by a tour ‘Triptiek-sessies’  in which he worked together with different producers.

Next to music, texts and poetry he was part of a comedy show ‘De abolute waarheid’ (‘The absolute truth’). He performed on different stages like De Kleine Komedie,  Stukafest, Podium Mozaiek and many others. In 2015, a bundle of his fairy tales appeared: this booklet contains all the works he has created over the last 5 years. It includes songs, rhymes and small drawings next to the fairy tales.

Justin is a hardworking stage-artist with passion and love for his art and the people surrounding him. He probably inherited the passion for speaking from his dad, who was a vicar. With humour, openness, charm and his own rhythm he knows how to keep his audience in his charm!