In just a week, Food Filmfestival will take over the Wageningen University. Meet our local team of heroes who organise the event. 


Katja is a Master student Management Economics and Consumer Studies in which she preferably relates to consumer’s food behaviour. She immediately jumped on board when she found out that the Food Filmfestival was coming to Wageningen: “What I like most about the festival is the combination between education and fun”. Katja is primarily involved in organising the beer tasting during te festival.



Saya studies International Development and is responsible for the workshop ‘How to make an engergy bar’. The main ingredient of the bars – ofcourse – will be all kinds of different seeds. “In the end, everything in life starts with a little seed.” Besides this workshop she is also partially responsible for organising the food market where local producers, farmers & companies will be present. She is really looking forward to the festival. Come to the festival and get yourself engergized for free!


Lucas du Pré is a master student International Land and Water Management. Lucas is a writer for the blog of the Food Filmfestival website. He got the opportunity to watch the film in advance. ‘Seeds of Time’, covers the theme of the festival and deals with the major issue on how to ensure a big diversity of seeds in the coming years. Lucas: “This is of crucial importance to secure worldwide food in the future.”




Frederike is a master student Food Technology. Since she started her studies she became interested in what the impact of the food industry has on the environment. Her study mostly focussed on the end of the chain. Now she can focus on the beginning of the chain: “In essence, all food starts with seeds.” She hopes that by the festival more people will get in contact with the core of our food industry in a serious and fun way.


Malou Heidekamp works part-time at RUW Foundation. Her work includes organizing lectures, debates and excursions within themes like food production, agriculture, sustainability and national /international development which overlaps with the Food Filmfestival. At the festival you can find a movie, talk show, workshops and a market where you can buy local products! “Let’s explore seeds from inside out, hope to see you at the festival!”



Ingeborg is studying Biology. As a biologist, she loves being outside and enjoying nature. Apart from that, food is one of her main hobbies. It is not just that she likes to eat,  she also loves finding out about healthy, strange or traditional products everywhere she goes. She shares this passion by writing about food for magazines and  on her blog. That is what she will do for the Food Filmfesitval too, combining her hobbies by writing blogs.


Sylvia ia a bachelor student Food Technology. She likes the Food Filmfestival, because it is not justabout eating, like most Food festivals. It is more about informing the people about the background of food, the systems behind it. Her main task is organising the seedbombs workshop. Small clay balls which will flower-up Wageningen and its surroundings. So if you want to make a seedbomb, see you at the FF Wageningen!


Mirthe Groothuis joined the organization of the FF Wageningen because she has always been interested in food. You can link food with all kinds of aspects like sustainability, health, gender issues, economy, farming, etc, etc… There’s always something new to discover and therefore the theme food never ceases to amaze me. Together with Frederike she is thinking about great side-events throughout the day: ‘Raad het zaad’, Guess the number of seeds in a pot, photo opportunities and more…. Enjoy the movie, debate and festival!


Tjeerd Fluitman is currently living in Almere where he studies Biology, Nutrition & Health. During this study, he got the opportunity to do an internship at YFM Nederland. For the Food Filmfestival in Wageningen he will be the contact person for all the volunteers. “I am looking forward to the festival and hope this edition will be great again!”



Text by: Mirthe Groothuis