For Food Filmfestival Wageningen we selected two great food trucks. One of them, the Satéboss, serves tasty, authentic satay from Indonesia, At Buskruid, the other,  you can get ‘traditional’ soup from Dutch veggies made in a super cool red bus. That makes you curious right? We asked them some questions. 


How would you describe the Satéboss?
De Satéboss is an unique satay caterer for any event. Authenticity is very important to us. We serve satay as it should be; authentic Indonesian that reminds you of the taste and smells from the former Dutch Indies.

Why are you on the Food Filmfestival in Wageningen?
I grew up in Wageningen so it is kind of a home match for us. Wageningen is a melting pot of different cultures mainly due to the WUR. We love to work in such an international environment. Furthermore, with this we hope the Indonesian students will taste our satays and reminds them of home.

“We serve satay as it should be, authentic.”     – Satéboss

What should we definitely try?
At the Food Filmfestival we will serve our authentic satay ayam, which is deliciously tender. Wageningen is a mix of cultures and in this multicultural society we find it important that everyone can consume our products, therefore we make sure our satay ayam is Halal.

What is your favorite food-movie?
That is Chef about a guy who follows passion for cooking and starts his own food truck business. I familiarise with this aspect of the movie, because I started doing what I like most after doing an 9-5 job at the office for 34 years.

What is the company’s slogan?
“Do what you like and do it often”. We want to make people happy with our satay. For me the best part is when I see people finishing the last bit of their peanut sauce.


What characterizes Buskruid?
We started in 2011 with cooking vegetarian soups and salads on location with our Soupbus. We mainly use veggies from Dutch origin. I am not a vegetarian myself, but I like to stimulate people to use more veggies and see them as a good starting point for a lovely supper. During the summer we travel from festival to festival, but you can also find us on markets or parties.

What should we try in Wageningen?
Everything of course! We give you the opportunity to have a small bite of everything. For the Food Filmfestival we will make Moroccan Harira, a comfort food soup full of veggies, chickpeas and lentils. We will also have a spicy carrot coconut soup and a couscous-beetroot salad with mint, rettich, feta, horseradish and cream.

How did you come up with ‘Buskruid’?
I owe the name to my mom. During a brainstorm she shouted ‘Buskruid’ and we immediately knew that it fitted perfectly with the concept of my food truck.

Text by: Mirthe Groothuis