Just a few weeks remain till the Food Filmfestival on Tour takes place in Wageningen, where the film Seeds of Time will be shown. In this movie, the agricultural pioneer Cary Fowler shows the history and the fragile future of seeds. For more than thirty years, Fowler has been on a quest to preserve the most valuable resource of biodiversity there is on earth, seeds. Fowler himself does so by gathering seeds from all over the world to collect these in a so-called ‘seed vault’ in Svalbard, Norway. The seed vault is a gigantic gene bank, a place where as many different (crop) seeds as possible are collected to ensure worldwide biodiversity in crops. This biodiversity is of crucial importance for the future, because diseases and pests may harm many types of crops. But more importantly, a huge variation of seeds will help us to adapt crops to climate change.

The strength of the film is that it not solely tells the personal story of Cary Fowler and the importance of seed banks, but more importantly, the message to maintain biodiversity.  Through the film we learn about different crop varieties used around the world, traditions of growers and the importance of plant breeding.

The film will be a great preparation for the talkshow about seeds at 20:45, where we will explore different issues in the world of seeds with experts, famers and philosophers. Come and watch the film:

16th of September 19:00, Food Filmfestival on Tour at the WUR campus Wageningen

Extra film tip:
A Dutch documentary named ‘De Strijd om het Zaad’ (The Battle About Seeds) – produced by the VPRO – is interesting to watch before the festival. This documentary deals with the same topic as the film: seeds are of incredible importance to our survival and their biodiversity is currently in danger. Additionally, the documentary handles free access to seeds and the role of patents by big companies. You can watch this documentary at http://tegenlicht.vpro.nl/afleveringen/2013-2014/de-strijd-om-het-zaad.html

Do not miss it out and reserve free tickets for the film at http://bit.ly/1WEuWDn and for the talkshow via http://bit.ly/1E3lh3k 

Text Lucas du Pré